Tips for preparing for the bank interviews


Working in a bank has been the dream job for many. But getting the bank job is not easy. The bank recruitment for the public sector banks and the regional rural banks are carried out in two stages – the Common Entrance Exams and the Personal Interviews. Routine and rigorous efforts are needed to crack the exams as well as the interviews.
 Many wonder on how to get a job in bank in India. Succeeding the written exams requires more of practice and knowledge. But the candidates need to give special attention on how to crack the bank interview. Once you receive the interview call, you need to sit back and practice for the bank interview.

How to prepare for the bank interview

1. Research on the banks:

Carry out a proper and thorough research on the banks that you have marked as your preferences. Check the websites of the banks and any other news item pertaining to the same. Gain knowledge on the banking terms like Repo and Reverse Repo rates, SLR and CRR and also on inflation, money circulation and Indian economy.

2. Preparation on Frequently asked questions:

Prepare a list of questions that are frequently being asked by the interviewers in the bank interviews. You may also search the net for how to get a job in bank with no experience if you are still a fresher. Prepare responses for your personal details, fields of education, your strengths and weaknesses. You also need to prepare upbeat responses to questions like why you would like to join a bank and your future association with the bank and other such questions.

3. Mock interviews:

It is always better to practice the interviews in a similar scenario. Try to rehearse before the mirror first. This gives you the confidence to responds properly and you are also able to see your expressions and correct them where required. You may later practice with another candidate or a senior person. You should also prepare well for the situation based questions regarding any issues and conflicts in previous job.

4. General Awareness:

You may be posed questions on General Awareness and Current Affairs. Make sure to read the newspaper, preferably the English one daily. Normally there is a gap of 5-6 months between the written exams and the interview. So you should be well-versed with all the happenings in the time period.

5. Knowledge about your Region:

The interviewer may not be a local person and may ask you about the region and the locality while talking about your background and previous employments. Have proper knowledge about your area.

6. Dress code:

Maintain the formal dress code for the interview. Carry extra copies of your resume and reach the venue early. Stay calm and relax before facing the interview board. Maintain eye contact with everyone and answer with a smile on your face.

7. Prepare question to ask:

Prepare your question in advance to be asked to the board at the end of the interview. You may ask about your duties in the bank once selected.
So if you were confused on how to get a bank job after 12th or graduation, the above tips would help you in succeeding.

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