Preparation Tips for Telephonic Interview


Whether a small firm or a big organization, telephonic interview prove to be the prime choice to hire efficient employees in a short span of time. Through telephone interviews, companies are able to find the best-fit candidates and call them for a personal interview. Telephonic interview is time-saving and the interview process is simple and convenient for the employer and the candidates. Over the telephonic conversation, the recruiter can find out the potential of the candidates who deserve the job.

Why do companies prefer phone interviews?
Most of the companies choose telephone interviews questions that discover the potential of the candidates and each question is drafted to identify the best talent. Phone interview also eliminates tight schedules and it helps the recruiter identify the right candidate quickly. The interview process is not too lengthy.

Phone interviews – to hire potential candidates
From a candidate point of view, they should be capable of answering all the phone interview questions to be eligible for the next round of interview. A candidate is judged based on his conversation ability and decision making skills so it is very important to face the telephone interview with utmost confidence. Candidates should focus on their strengths and weakness and work out on various skills before they accept an interview schedule.

Preparing for Telephonic interviews
Telephonic interview is not about one-way conversation. Both the employer and the candidate are eligible to ask more questions to explore more about the opportunities and the difficulties. Candidates should know about the company before opting for the interview and involve in some research to find out the expectations and requirement of the company. Candidates are judged based on the conversation so it is important to memorize the prime roles and responsibilities handled and talk to the interviewer with confidence.

How to Practice for the Interview?
Telephonic interview is not similar to a normal conversation with the employer. It is more professional and prepared for the telephone interview questions and answers will give fruitful results. Practice and read a lot of questions to keep your confidence level up.
You can practice with the help of a family member or a friend, through a mock interview. You can also record the interview to check your voice on the phone. Try to avoid the unnecessary filers. In this way, you can improve your mock talk.

Tips to succeed in a telephone interview:
• Have your resume in front of you while you are answering phone interview questions. This would help you answer the questions with ease.
• Make a list of your achievements so you don’t need to remember while answering questions.
• Keep a paper and pen to note down any important point.
• Turn off your call-waiting application, to avoid any kind of interruption.
• If the call time is odd, avoid answering it in any kind of chaos, instead, ask them for another convenient time for the interview.
• Get rid of any kind of noisy element around you for a clear listening on both sides.
With competent practice, you can increase your chances to score enough for the second round.

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