Importance of Leadership Quality in your Career


Leadership is a crucial part of effective management. The importance of leadership in management has been ascertained as the possibility to drive and influence the group towards achieving the goals of the organization. The leader is the one who develops future visions and motivates others for achieving the vision for the organization.

An organization without a good leader is like an army going for the battle without the general. It is the leadership that makes the other factors work together in harmony.

The importance of leadership in business can be justified by the work undertaken by the leader in the capacity of the manager:

1. Influences the behavior of people: The manager uses his leadership qualities to influence his subordinates and team members. Proper control and guidance of the members ensure the best efforts from them.

2. Initiates the actions: The leader initiates the work by communicating the plan for the project. The vision is communicated to the members through the leader only.

3. Provides guidance and motivation: The leader gives proper guidance to the fellow members to carry out their respective tasks properly. Timely feedback helps here. The leader also motivates the members and makes them realize their abilities. He is the one who should express his concern on the development of the members as well. The importance of leadership is quite apparent here.

4. Instills confidence: The leader is the one who can talk to the members on a one on one basis. He has to be constructive in his feedback. He is the one who can instill confidence in the fellow members to make for the losses suffered due to any failures and complete the task. His positivity gets transmitted to the team members.

5. Creates proper working environment: The leader gets work done from others. Hence creating a proper working environment is quite important. The leader sees to it that the human relations are maintained and the conflicts if any are resolved at the earliest. He should allow freedom to the members to express their stands as well.

6. Co-ordinates among departments: The manager with his good leadership skills acts as the coordinator between the departments and project groups. The importance of leadership in an organization cannot be overruled here. He should possess skills to ensure smooth functioning across departments and project groups.

7. Helps in introducing changes as per requirements: A good leader is always at par with the competition and market trends. He is also in the position to introduce changes in the environment and the working systems in the organization. It is his duty to introduce any change as required for the benefit of the system and the organization. Opposition is minimal as the team members are already influenced by his abilities.

8. Trains and develops the members: The leader is the person who knows the abilities of his people in the best way. He should train and develop his team members to take decisions later and act as leaders at a later stage. He is also the person who ensures training and development of his team members in the skills that they are lacking. These training also instill positive energy in the members besides benefiting the organization at large.

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