How to Prepare for BPO Interviews


You think getting hired in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is all play and little work! Well, get your concepts cleared. Getting hired in BPO is not an easy task, considering the significance of customer handling in the today’s stressed scenario. Wondering how to get a job in BPO?

If you are looking for a voice based inbound or the outbound BPO, the work might not necessitate specific prior experience or education. But you still have to have the people skills or the soft skills to be noticeable in the firm.

As a call centre agent, you need to be a very calm and patient person. Moreover, you should be good with your communicative skills and also in carrying out multi-tasking. Prepare well in advance for the BPO job interviews. It would be your voice and your presentation skills that would be doing the talking. Follow the BPO interview tips given below for successfully clearing your BPO interview.

1. Learn about the company

Gain knowledge on the company you have been called for. Search the net to understand the products and services of the company. Talk to the existing employees to know about the work culture and job prospects.

2. Practice for the interview

Carry out mock interview sessions. This would calm you while you are answering the questions. Prepare your notes as well. Pay attention to your grammar and accent. Prepare introductory statements for yourself.

3. Practice patience

You need to display patience while being on the call. Start practicing it early. Make specific efforts in not interrupting people and allowing them to finish their part of conversation first. Moreover, see to it that you do not get agitated easily while in the midst of a misunderstanding. Remind yourself to stay calm in such situations.

4. Polish your communicative skills

Practice responding to questions and queries in the best manner. Your answers should be candid and concise. Put in your best efforts to learn the phonetic alphabet. The ABC’s code designed by NATO helps you for clear understanding of the accent.

5. Take up multi-tasking activities

You will have to carry out multi-tasking while on the job. It is better if you start it beforehand. Your mind needs to be sharp and respond well. Practice by listening to someone and doing some other task at the same time.

6. Dress code

Never forget the dress code. Though the work culture in most of the BPOs is very informal, still you need to look presentable and more importantly professional while going for the interview. Play a smile on your lips and maintain eye contact with the interviewers.

7. Prepare for your question

You would also be asked to put forward any question at the end of the interview. So prepare such question beforehand. You may ask about the advancement of your career with the company. By doing so you are also telling them that you want to be associated with the company for a long time.

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