Preparation Tips for Telephonic Interview

Whether a small firm or a big organization, telephonic interview prove to be the prime choice to hire efficient employees in a short span of time. Through telephone interviews, companies are able to find the best-fit candidates and call them for a personal interview. (more…)

Top Team Building Skills That You Must Possess

When you analyze the growth of successful companies, team building plays a vital role. Unsuccessful companies do not motive their employees to work as a team and the results are evident. Working as a team brings success to the business is spoken widely but not many of them follow the trick. If your company lacks the desired performance, it is time to check the unity of the team and start developing the skills of your employees.


Importance of Team Building Activities for Your Company

Do you find your employees glued to their workstations all time? Are they lacking the accuracy and is the performance dropping down? Do you wish to build up a strong and competent business team by inducing the interest of your employees? In simple terms, are you looking to encourage your employees to work as a team?


The List of Must Have Leadership Qualities in Every Individual

Who are leaders? Do we all have a wrong mindset about leadership? Leaders are not someone who dominates the employee to get the work done. Leaders are the motivation for employees, which reduces the burden of workload. Good leadership qualities in a leader help the organization to achieve huge success. A team with good leaders is always successful. (more…)

Career Options in Information Technology Industry

Are you looking for an ideal career path? Information technology jobs are in the greatest demand and it offers highest salaries. They also provide the best opportunities for youngsters who wish to flourish in their careers. Information Technology Career Path covers a broad range of job roles and you need to understand the different roles and find out the best one that suits your interest. (more…)

5 Tips to Improve your Communication Skills

The efficiency of an employee is defined by the way he or she communicates. So, for a professional growth, communication skills play a vital role. The way you represent yourself and communicate with other employees during events and meetings hold a prime role in your development. Effective communication skills are important for both professional and personal life. However, most of us do not concentrate much on it due to which, our desired goals are not achieved.


How to Choose the Right Career for yourself

Every student who is out of their college has a lot of thoughts and questions about their career. What do they want to become? How their graduation is going to help in their career progress and what do they aspire to achieve? Career planning is the best solution for every student to explore opportunities, analyze their interests and achieve something big.

How to Explore and Decide the Best Career Option

The critical point of shaping your career starts when you are in the final year of your graduation. After completing your graduation, you are expected to have excellent knowledge in the stream of education you picked. It gives you a better understanding of the basic concepts that will help you to achieve your goals. While the career option after graduation is more, many students find it difficult to choose the best one that would give them complete satisfaction.

7 Tips on how to Face Telephonic Interviews

Interview over the phone! Well, don’t tell me you are not aware of it. This is quite common in big companies. No, this is not for hiring you immediately, but for eliminating you off their lists. Or in simple words, it is a check if you qualify for the personal interview. Such telephonic interviews are conducted so that you give them the reason for the time and resources spent on your personal interview. Consult the web for the telephone interview tips before facing such calls.

Commonly asked Interview Questions for BPO

Congratulations! You got the call for the interview for the leading BPO. But your efforts do not end here. Prepare for the job interview. Believe me; the questions can drive you nuts if you do not have the right responses practiced. Check out for the BPO interview questions and answers and practice them in front of the mirror to get the clear expression while answering.

Career opportunities in Biotechnology

High degree of intelligence and a general talent for science and scientific applications are your traits, explore career options in Biotechnology. The field gives opportunities to your innovative skills and creativity.

How to Prepare for BPO Interviews

You think getting hired in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is all play and little work! Well, get your concepts cleared. Getting hired in BPO is not an easy task, considering the significance of customer handling in the today’s stressed scenario. Wondering how to get a job in BPO?

What are the Career Opportunities in Banking Sector?

Thinking about making a career in the banking sector? Why not? It is the considered well paid, secured and a high status career today. The sector is not just for the commerce and the economics students; it is open to all the streams including MBA, CA and CFA.

7 Best interview tips for freshers

So you got that first call letter for the interview. Well, it is time to leave your cover letters, job applications and resumes aside and work for the preparations for the interview. The first interview call is sure to give your goose bumps. But beware; your nervousness can do more damage than going unprepared. Better stay calm and focus on the interview. Start your preparations early, much before you get the call.

Importance of Leadership Quality in your Career

Leadership is a crucial part of effective management. The importance of leadership in management has been ascertained as the possibility to drive and influence the group towards achieving the goals of the organization. The leader is the one who develops future visions and motivates others for achieving the vision for the organization.

Frequently Asked Interview Questions in Finance

So, you are the finance major guy, right? Well, you might be good, but your selection in the finance department would be based mostly on the way to portray your knowledge before the interview board. Research about the company before the interview to know about their services and work culture. Brush up on the finance interview questions and answers before you face the board.

Five ideas for Team building Activities for your workplace

Interested in holding some team building activities in your workplace? Well, get some nice ideas here that would encourage your team members to open up more with the fellow members without being too heavy on your pockets.

Team building activities for work

Common bank interview questions and how to answer them

So, you got that interview call for the bank? Good, it is high time you should start your mock interviews. Banks are really fussy and the board will put all sorts of questions especially if you are an entry level candidate to ensure that you understand where you are heading to.

Career Opportunities in Finance

So money interests you! Do you like to know why the IT or the pharma stocks have moved up? Maybe you have made your choice on your career. Yes, finance seems to be the right path for you. The Indian Financial Market awaits you.
The Indian Financial Market is probably one of the oldest in the world.

Tips for preparing for the bank interviews

Working in a bank has been the dream job for many. But getting the bank job is not easy. The bank recruitment for the public sector banks and the regional rural banks are carried out in two stages – the Common Entrance Exams and the Personal Interviews. Routine and rigorous efforts are needed to crack the exams as well as the interviews.