Good team management skills you should inculcate


It’s a competitive world out there! And you need to prove your efficiency in every step you take; be it on an individual basis or as a team worker. Corporate are always on a hunt for the right person who can handle the team and instigate and inspire it towards the accomplishment of the organizational goal.
What are team management skills?

Effective team management could be said to be an entire set of study in itself. Your leadership skills support your managerial skills in inspiring the team for working harmoniously. The manager of the team should act as the mentor and not as the boss while working with the team.

The adoption of the below mentioned team management techniques would help you in improving the team management skills.

Delegation of tasks: Delegation of tasks is one of the most vital team management techniques. With proper delegation, the manager entrusts each team worker with the task of his expertise. It also provides a field for learning. Further the details of the task or the project along with the layout also gets clear among the members.

Duplicate your strength: If you are good at something and nobody in the team can do it better than you, then it is time you duplicate your strength. Help your team acquire that strength so they can get the work done even without your presence!

All round development of the members: You must understand the skills your team members come with. You must also know where they lack. It is your responsibility to see that the members get the proper training to overcome any weaknesses. This is essential for the future projects. You also need to allocate the tasks so that the members feel a sense of challenge in it. They should also get the proper opportunities to improve on their skills. Regular feedback is also quite essential for their development.

Proper communication: Proper communication is considered the most important management tool for effective team management. The team leader or the manager should be a good listener along with being a good speaker. He would have to see that the team members have actually understood the task and what they have to do. He should also allow suggestions, opinions and feedbacks from his team members and should be able to point out the errors without offending anyone. He has to run effective meetings with his brainstorming and facilitating skills. His communication skills are all the more essential while managing the virtual teams.

Maintaining discipline: Maintaining discipline among the team members is for the smooth working of the project. Members gather in the team from different backgrounds and skills. Hence some amount of resentment and clash of opinion among them is quite natural. But, you as the team leader have to see that the conflicts are resolved at the earliest. Your effective team management skills come in here to prioritize the team goal above their personal ego and conflicts.

The team leader acts as the mentor for the members. Your words as the mentor can do magic to the members. It is efficient you who drives the team to success.

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