Five ideas for Team building Activities for your workplace


Interested in holding some team building activities in your workplace? Well, get some nice ideas here that would encourage your team members to open up more with the fellow members without being too heavy on your pockets.

Team building activities for work

1. Discussions over lunch:
Organize a lunch for the team members. This is one of the most widely accepted corporate team building activities. You may assign your team members to various work groups over the lunch. This could be a good way for the employees to talk and discuss about the project and the work as such. Any doubts about the work may also get cleared here. Such lunch may be organized on regular intervals either in the office or at some nearby restaurant or café or even the local park. Some fun filled team building activities for employees may also be added when the lunch is organized outside.
You may also introduce thoughtful questions for ice breakers. It could also be an interesting way to introduce and welcome the new members in the team.

2. Allow job shadowing activities:
Allow your team members to explore the activities in a different department. Such activities cultivate team building between the departments and the work groups. It also shows path for the employee for an alternate career path. Job shadowing is an easy method and does not cost anything excepting the time of the employee. But the concerned employee gets to have a better understanding and respect for the job of others.

3. Group mentoring:
The team leader acts as the mentor for the team. A one on one mentoring helps the members in getting the proper feedback on their tasks and improving on their skills. Such mentoring becomes more important when you get a new team member. But you may also go for group mentoring by the senior manager or manager. This is a nice opportunity where the employees get to learn new skills while maintaining a good and harmonious relationship with the co workers and peers. You may also choose a highly skilled employee to be the mentor for the group. Others would definitely benefit from him. These types of mentoring impact the team building activities in office.

4. Team building workshops on weekends:
Team building workshops serve the dual purpose of team building along with relaxing the members. The employees or group members may also be encouraged to give team building activities ideas in such workshops. Activities on communication, problem solving, decision making, planning and adaptability may be taken up as team building exercises. Activities like the Games of possibilities, Winner/loser, Purpose Mingle, Scavenger Hunt, and Human Knot are few of the activities that can be taken up for team building purposes.

5. Organizing/ sponsoring sports meets and half marathons for charity:
Companies also take up to organizing and sponsoring sports and games tournaments like baseball, golf, basketball, football, etc. for charity purposes. Half marathons and walking events also promote team spirit among the employees when they wear the same T-shirt bearing the company logo while supporting a cause.

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