Commonly asked Interview Questions for BPO


Congratulations! You got the call for the interview for the leading BPO. But your efforts do not end here. Prepare for the job interview. Believe me; the questions can drive you nuts if you do not have the right responses practiced. Check out for the BPO interview questions and answers and practice them in front of the mirror to get the clear expression while answering.

Commonly asked interview questions for BPO:

1. Tell us about yourself?

This remains the first and the most favorite question by the interviewers. Keep this short and concise. But do keep your grammar and accent correct. Tell about yourself and your educational background. Add the job you are currently working for. You may also talk about your parents and siblings.

2. What brings you to the BPO industry?

These types of questions are generally posed to the fresher.
Talk about the growth in the industry. Give some statistical data and survey quotes if possible to justify your answer. You can also say that you see your own growth in the industry along with improvement in the communication skills.

3. What do you understand by the term BPO?

This is the first basic question you would be thrown. Start with the expansion.
BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. It is outsourcing or acquiring the technical experts from another company for handling non-core work of the organization. The outsourcing could be done for administrative department, purchase department, selling department, call center or a customer care center, and back office.

4. What is the voice based BPO and the non-voice based BPO?
Voice based BPOs are mostly interactive. The staff and the agents have to talk to the customer about the product and services of the company or have to resolve any queries of the customer. Such BPOs serve mostly the sales and support services of the organization. For example, telecommunication industry is a place where people are hired for customer care which is a voice based BPO.
The non-voice BPOs on the other hand are into sourcing knowledge like gathering data for various processes. They do not have to interact with the customers. For example, data entry jobs, scanning, payroll jobs, etc.

5. What is off-shore outsourcing?
Outsourcing can be done across countries as well. In case the work has been outsourced to a company in a country that is far off, it is known as off-shore outsourcing.

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