Common Questions Asked In Call Centre Interviews


You would definitely have started your preparations for the call centre interview. While the call center interview questions resemble the interview questions posed for the other industries, the answers should be tailor-made for the needs of call center companies. The interviewer judges you for skills on communication, flexibility, customer service, multitasking and critical thinking.
Check out the most common interview questions for fresher while carrying out your call centre interview preparation.

1. Tell me something about yourself?

The purpose of this question is to start the communication and relax the candidate. Your communication skills are also judged here.
Give a brief introduction about yourself and your family. Tell about your education and internships or projects you have undertaken. Go on to tell about your interests and skills.

2. How do you describe yourself as a person?

The purpose of the question is to judge you for the qualities that are required for the call centre agent.
Tell them about your qualities that would interest them in you. Talk about your performance oriented nature, hardworking and being committed qualities. Also tell about your creative nature. You may also quote some incident while mentioning your good qualities.

3. What is your idea of a call centre?

The purpose of the question is to ascertain your knowledge about the job and your expectation of the profile.
Gain knowledge about the call centre. It is the organization or the centre that is equipped to handle large volume of telephone calls. The centre could either be receiving calls or making calls.

Inbound call centre: The centers that receive service or support calls from the existing customers. The centre may also be receiving queries from the prospective customers. Eg: Centre receiving calls for knowing the status of the credit card.

Outbound call centre: The centre hires executives to make the phone calls to the prospective clients and customers. The centre handles mostly the marketing assignments. Eg: Centre making calls for personal loans.

4. Why do you want to work in a call centre?

The purpose is to see that you are aware about the job applied by you.

Tell about the prospects of the industry. Relate your good qualities like the communication and persistent nature with the qualities needed in a call centre agent.

5. Why should we hire you?

The question is simple and self-explanatory.
Match your qualities with the criteria for the post. I am a qualified person with the Bachelors degree in my pocket. I possess qualities that make me suitable for the agent’s post. I am flexible and can work at odd timings. I do not have problems with shifts. I am a fast learner and can take up new things with ease. My patience will help me while I would interact with the irate customers. And my ability to deal with stress makes me the right choice for the post.

6. Where do you see yourself five year from now?

The interviewer wants to know if your goals are in line with the company’s objectives.
You can say that you intend to learn things at the organization and want to take up responsibilities soon. In the coming five years you want to grow to the middle order level in the company.

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