Common bank interview questions and how to answer them


So, you got that interview call for the bank? Good, it is high time you should start your mock interviews. Banks are really fussy and the board will put all sorts of questions especially if you are an entry level candidate to ensure that you understand where you are heading to.

Bank interview questions and answers

1. Tell us something about yourself? 

This is generally the first question put by the interviewer. He is actually studying your communication skills and judging you. He is also taking time in going through your resume.

This question should be answered in a compact manner as it is only the first question. You need to give your name, place of residence, current job details, education. You may also tell about your parents and their occupation along with your some details about your siblings.

Get the meaning of your name and specific references with your name if any.

2. What is so interesting about your city?

You should tell about the city of your residence and the state. Tell about all the nice places to be seen there. Have proper knowledge of the famous personalities belonging to the place. Know about the local MLA and MP from the place.
Answering this question impresses the board as they get to know about your awareness of your surroundings.

3. What brings you to the banking industry?

This is a question that is definitely put to the candidate. You should prepare your answer for this. Your answer here should reflect positivity. Do not start by saying, I was preparing for some other exams or my father forced me into this.
Instead you can say – The banking industry one of the fastest growing sectors and provides a stable career and good growth opportunities; It provides good working conditions; possibilities to interact directly with the people; dream job, etc.

4. Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses?

This is probably the question when answered properly will decide how long you will stay in the interview room. Bring out all your talents and strengths to bring the interview in your own comfort zone.
Say about a strength that would be helpful in the banking sector. It could be your good communication skills and the adaptability nature. Inform about the previous achievements here and bring these as a push to joining the sector. You may say that you have won many debates and you feel that your good oratory skills would help you in influencing people in banks.

Your strengths and weaknesses should be such that they match with your personality and you do not fumble when cross questioned. Your weaknesses should not be too negative like being very short tempered and irregular.

Other sector and economy based questions asked in bank interviews:

1. What are the basic documents for opening a bank account?
2. Tell us about the 27th public sector bank?
3. What is GDP of a country?
4. What are NPAs?
5. What are the risks faced by the bank?
There could be other personal and sector specific questions in the bank interview. You need to be ready for such questions.

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