Career Prospects in Logistics Industry


Career in Logistics! Many would not know the term even. But believe me, it has acclaimed as a paying career that can be started anywhere by people from all education levels. It is shaping up into a big business with opportunities across the globe. Skilled graduates are always in demand of the retail organizations for carrying out the logistics. Logisticians handle the supply chain of a business. They work in the supply chain management of the organization.
Their duties include:
• Timely transportation of materials
• Developing cordial relationship with suppliers
• Observing and understanding customer needs
• Developing the system to ensure reduced cost of moving goods and materials

Though any graduate with the skills is eligible for the logistics of the retail industry, but the companies still are on the lookout for the person with the required degree in logistics, transport or supply chain management. It is always advisable to achieve the required degree for pursuing logistic career opportunities and not just rely on your soft skills. The degree can be attained from many institutes in the country like the IIMs, Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management (ILAM), National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai, Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development, Pune, etc.

The course on logistics would include:
• logistics outsourcing
• retail logistics
• freight transport
• supply chain sustainability
• inventory management
• operations management
• warehouse management

Logistics job opportunities

Logistics as a career is new in India. Though the concept of logistics and supply chain management exists in the country, not much knowledge and awareness is there about the logistics career. So this could be the right time when you could acquire the educational qualifications and leap to the front while others are still wondering about it.
The demand for the career seems to be on a high with the rapid growth of e-retailing customers. With more number of customers going the internet way for their purchases, the demand for the distribution manager or the logistician would grow several folds in the near future.

India spends 13% of its GDP on logistics which is more than the average of 10% spent by other developing countries. The demand for skilled persons in logistics industry has increased in a short period of time. Hence, the job opportunities in logistics seem to be very bright. However, right education and skill are the tools that would support you while you explore the opportunities.

You also stand to have a chance for international exposure. Many of the firms also promote you to their international sites based on your merits and interests. Most logistics companies have both domestic and international clients. Strengthen your soft skills and the foreign language skills give you a chance for the international exposure and relocation. You would also be treated as a great asset by your company.

Besides the companies that hire logistics manager and manpower for their own distribution network, many of the e-retail companies are also on the lookout for skilled personnel for the post.

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