Career Opportunities in Finance


So money interests you! Do you like to know why the IT or the pharma stocks have moved up? Maybe you have made your choice on your career. Yes, finance seems to be the right path for you. The Indian Financial Market awaits you.
The Indian Financial Market is probably one of the oldest in the world.

With a faster rate of growth, it has also evolved itself as a strong and steady market. The recent financial crashes suffered by many countries across the world had little impact on the Indian Financial System owing to the strong basics and foundation. It is now taken as an opportunity for steady investment by various other countries. A career in finance is sure to take you to new heights.

Finance Career Opportunities

The Financial sector is always on the lookout for graduates with the necessary subjects to join the work force. Graduates with subjects like commerce, finance, mathematics, economics, and management can start their career in the financial advisory companies without any prior experience. The mutual fund houses and the stock exchange brokerage firms are also good places to work for.

Mutual Fund Houses:
The career opportunities in the mutual fund houses are immense. The typical job duties for the fresher in the mutual fund houses could be: sales and marketing, fund accounting, research and administration. One soon moves up to become the advisor or the financial planner in the organization. With an experience of nearly five years, one can move up to become research analyst and then a fund manager.
Clearing the AMFI exams is necessary to join the marketing and distribution stream of mutual fund schemes. One may also join the back office operations of the mutual fund houses. Management students are given priority in recruitment.

Money Managers:
Money managers are a vital link in the financial markets. They buy and carry corporate bonds and other fixed income investment products. They act as the portfolio managers, mutual fund analysts or the hedge fund traders. They deal mostly with the larger cap funds and the small stocks.

You may wish to join the insurance companies directly or may wish to work on the insurance firms while working with the finance companies or even the shipping companies.

Financial Planners:
There has been an upside trend in the financial planning sector. It can be said to be in a golden phase right now. The sector is much in demand with the expert advice needed for the proper investment of the disposable wealth. The advice of the financial planners is needed for providing for the future financial needs. In other words, they cater to the needs of personal finances.

Corporate Finance:
The finance managers in the corporate houses manage the financial health of the company and develop the long term financial goals as well. The role involves balancing risk and profitability of the company; reviewing the finances; forecasting and reviewing trends; managing funds and portfolio; investing activities and developing cash management strategies.
The Finance gives a steady career to the fresher. With experience and knowledge he can pursue his finance career further by developing his own business as well.

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