7 Tips on how to Face Telephonic Interviews


Interview over the phone! Well, don’t tell me you are not aware of it. This is quite common in big companies. No, this is not for hiring you immediately, but for eliminating you off their lists. Or in simple words, it is a check if you qualify for the personal interview. Such telephonic interviews are conducted so that you give them the reason for the time and resources spent on your personal interview. Consult the web for the telephone interview tips before facing such calls.

Do not take these interviews casually if you are serious about the job. These are very much similar to the face to face interviews. Learn the phone interview etiquette and prepare well.

Phone interview tips and tricks:

1. Research about the company
Do a research about the company in case of an advance scheduling of the interview. Check out the company’s website. Know about the job posting and how to meet the requirements. You may also check the LinkedIn “Company Profile” to check the information and other openings they have posted. You may note down points for your benefit as well.

2. Avoid distractions
Request for a convenient time in case you are not in a quite place. Do not ever take up the interview in your current workplace. Take the interview when you are sure of not be disturbed. Switch off the TV and other distractions if any. Sit on the table or the desk if possible where you can rest your hands and be comfortable.

3. Keep any documentation you need with you
Your notes and any other documentation about the company should be handy for consulting before making any answers. You may also prepare your own cheat sheet for responding to the common questions. Keep these right on the table while you are facing the telephonic interview.

4. Prepare for the common phone questions
There could be some typical questions only for the telephonic interviews like – Are you willing to relocate for the job? How soon can you join? why do you want to join us? So, one should be ready with proper responses for such questions.

5. Use your voice in the best way
It is only the power of your voice that could influence the interviewer apart from your knowledge. Hence you need to bring out the best from your voice. Modulate your voice for the right expressions. Rehearse before the mirror for the right tone and word choice. Smile while you are on the phone as it brings out the positivity in you. Do not be in a hurry to answer. Let the interviewer finish his question first. And do not hang without asking for the next step.

6. Direct the interviewer to your web portfolio
Try to direct the interviewer to your personal website or the LinkedIn profile in course of the interview to give a better and a positive image of your profile.

7. Send thank you e-mail
Send a thank you e-mail immediately after the telephonic interview. Make a point of being suitable in the company along with the basic courtesies of thanking.

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