7 Best interview tips for freshers


So you got that first call letter for the interview. Well, it is time to leave your cover letters, job applications and resumes aside and work for the preparations for the interview. The first interview call is sure to give your goose bumps. But beware; your nervousness can do more damage than going unprepared. Better stay calm and focus on the interview. Start your preparations early, much before you get the call.

Brush up on your communication skills to express your thoughts clearly and concisely. You may practice your answers to the typical questions asked by the employers.

Tips for successful interview

1. Proper research on the employer
Gain as much knowledge about the company and the employer as possible. Also try to know about the hiring manager and the HR policies with respect to recruitment. Awareness of the job profile would also give idea on the questions that the employer would pose.

2. Dress code
Keep your interview attire ready. Check that it is neat and tidy. You may not always wear a suit to the interview. But wear a formal pair of clothes. Check the company culture and the position that you are seeking to understand more on what you are expected to wear for the interview. Make sure you are not wearing an outfit that is too jazzy or flashy. Do not put on unnecessary accessories to the interview also take care that you carry extra copies of the resumes and a pen and a notepad to the interview.

3. Arrive on time and prepare yourself
Make sure that you arrive at the interview venue on time. Be early than the time scheduled for your interview. Relax and stay calm. Look up the company journals available at the reception. You may also take up the newspaper along with you to stay updated on the current affairs for any discussions.
Switch off your mobile phone or put it on silent mode. Throw away any gum you are chewing.

4. Good first impression
You need to make a good first impression. Be polite and extend warm greetings to everyone you meet. A smile to the attendants and other staff also works. A good impression is set when you arrive on time in the proper attire and extend greetings.
While greeting the interviewer, stand, smile and make eye contact. In case of more than one interviewer, you should smile to everyone while greeting.

5. Focused and candid responses
Give upbeat and authentic responses. Match your career accomplishments with the requirements of the company. Keep your responses short and to the point. Show what you know about the company and how you fit in the profile. Sell yourself here.

6. Body language
Your body language also sets the impression. Smiling, eye contact, listening posture, etc make the interviewer interested in you. Whereas, slouching, looking off, playing or fiddling with the pen shows your casual nature.

7. Ask insightful questions
You might be asked to put in a question. Prepare in advance for the question. Understanding the profile might help you in putting the right question.

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