5 Ways to Develop Leadership Skills in you


It is a long race ahead. Despite the position you hold right now, you would certainly have to act as a leader at some time. Or maybe you already are in the role either with or without your knowledge. Now it is your turn to steer your team efficiently for a smooth journey to reach the destination safe and on time.
You must have observed your managers and bosses and acquired some basics of leadership qualities. But you still must be wondering on how to improve leadership skills yourself. So, this is the time. Do not wait for any opportunity; rather initiate the skill development in you immediately.

How to develop leadership skills

1. Evaluate yourself:

Sit back and think about yourself. Question your behavior and attitude. Consider yourself in a stressful situation. How do you handle that? What about other’s opinions? Do you set the plan and allocate the roles? Do you lead while being in the team? Are you sure of the clear vision of the task and situation among your team mates?
Analyzing such questions would give you an idea as to where you stand in terms of leadership personality. It also gives you a fair thought on the abilities and strengths you need to work on. Besides you also get to realize your own strengths and your good leadership qualities. Utilizing these helps in making you the formidable leader.

2. Work on your communication skills:

Communication is one aspect that cannot be ignored anytime. You may have good decision making skills or even good planning and implementation skills, but lack of proper communication could lead to misunderstanding and misinterpretation.
Now is the time to start working on your communication skills. Talk to every person in your team and understand their knowledge about the project. Ensure that they do have a clear vision of the task and the implementation. Routine meetings with managers and colleagues on the same project would help in erasing any ambiguity.
Improving on your communicative skills would help you in whatever level you currently are and even in your future roles as leaders.

3. Be passionate:

Your passion and enthusiasm for the work would drive your team members towards completing the goal in a more or less perfect manner. You need to express your zeal properly. Communicate in no uncertain manner that you are interested in their progress and development as well. Encouragement and proper guidance creates fervor in the team. Appreciation of the individual contribution inspires the other members to give their best shot as well.

4. Practice discipline:

A disciplined life, both professionally and personally conveys that you are serious about the task. You are judged as an effective leader by the discipline you maintain at work. Displaying discipline at work in terms of meeting deadlines, appointments and meetings suggest your organizing capabilities. This in turn also gets transmitted to your fellow members and helps in proper functioning of the work force.

5. More responsibilities:

Taking up more responsibilities would definitely bring out the best of leadership skills in you. You may have to go out of the comfort zone to hone your skills. However, do not overdo. Take only as much responsibilities as you can handle.

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