5 Tips to Improve your Communication Skills


The efficiency of an employee is defined by the way he or she communicates. So, for a professional growth, communication skills play a vital role. The way you represent yourself and communicate with other employees during events and meetings hold a prime role in your development. Effective communication skills are important for both professional and personal life. However, most of us do not concentrate much on it due to which, our desired goals are not achieved.

Here are some interesting ways on how to develop communication skills for your professional benefits:

1. Your body language matters the most:
The body language is an important non-verbal form of communication, which plays a vital role similar to verbal. The body language includes making eye contacts, expressing through hand movements, sitting in meetings, walking, firm handshake, etc. You need to watch others how they carry their looks and body language while talking to you. Observing other people will help you improve communication skills.

2. Fillers should be strictly avoided:
Do you use fillers like um’s, ah’s, ohm’s, etc. very often while talking? If you are looking for ways to improve your communication skills during meetings, you need to stop relying on fillers and instead talk to the point! If you overuse the fillers, it is high time you start working on your communication skills. Fillers pulls down your confidence and it also expresses your confusing state of mind. If you want to impress your listeners, you need to be firm and make sure your words are meaningful. Deliver a firm speech and concentrate on your body language.

3. Be a good listener:
Listening is an important business communication skills that everyone should develop. Bad listeners are bad performers. The more you listen the more you are able to communicate. You must have an eye to eye contact when you are talking to someone just to make sure that you are a firm listener. Make sure you are polite while you converse with others and hear the other person speaking. Do not interrupt when others are speaking. Keeping an open mind and listening to other’s perspective is also a sign of a good listener.

4. Make your conversation short and simple but understandable:
Avoid lengthy sentences, which lead to a lot of confusion. Make sure you speak precisely so that the other person understands your speech well. You see a major communication skills development only when you are able to interact with others through few sentences.

5. Who is your audience?
The importance of communication skills also lies with the type of audience you are about to interact with. The tone of your speech and style of communication depends on whether you are talking with a group of professionals, co-workers, children, etc. So, it is important to keep the listener’s angle in mind while preparing your words.
So, next time you get baffled on how to improve communication skills in English, make sure you work on your verbal and non-verbal aspects for a complete improvement in your interaction conducts.

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